Ford Develops Specialized Cupholders for the 2017 Ford Fusion

The 2017 Ford Fusion is set to possess one of the most stylized and intuitive vehicle interiors in the industry. That means making the Ford Fusion more helpful at every level, no matter how small or unexpected.

According to a Ford press release, Ford developed specialized cupholders for the 2017 Ford Fusion.

In order to develop the 2017 Ford Fusion cupholders, Ford examined five categories: bottles fitting inside cupholders, cupholder reach for drivers, cupholder grip, alternate uses for a cupholder, and cup sizes that drivers use.

By examining the problems drivers face with each of these cupholder categories, the team at Ford was able to develop the best possible interior cupholder design!

“Being dissatisfied with your cupholders may be a minor annoyance, but it’s a daily one, which over time detracts from the overall car experience,” said Jolanta Coffey, Ford instrument panel and console manager. “On the other hand, when you like your cupholders, they can make your vehicle feel like home. For Fusion, we set out to develop a beautiful interior, paying attention to the details that make people fall in love and stay in love with their car.”

Advanced cupholders is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits drivers receive when they choose the 2017 Ford Fusion!

Random Acts of Vehicle Kindness

people with car - Sauk City, WI

Are you a Good Samaritan when it comes to helping out people with their cars?

Here at Courtesy Ford, we like to extend the courtesy of a hassle-free vehicle shopping experience to our customers. If you want to continue that chain of courtesy, it’s easy to do! By performing one of these random acts of vehicle kindness, you too can help somebody in need on the road.

  1. Jump-Start Another Vehicle

One of the most stressful experiences for anyone on the road is having a vehicle with a dead battery. However, you can help someone solve this problem by using your own vehicle to jump-start their dead car battery!

  1. Organize a Carpool for Work

If you are looking for a way to help both your co-workers and the environment, then you should consider organizing a carpool to work. You will help to better the environment while also getting to better know the people you work with.

  1. Help Wash Someone Else’s Vehicle

Washing a vehicle is never a fun job. However, it is a job that is completed much faster with a little help from some friends! Help somebody you know wash their vehicle to brighten their car and their day.