Ford’s March Sales Prove Brand Is Strong

The automotive market has been recovering ever since the recession smashed sales and hindered profits back in 2008. Ford has been at the forefront of recovery, and with the March sales numbers in, the automaker is still going strong. With some segments trending and others faulting, it’s more important to look at profitability than the plain number of sales.

Ford’s March sales presented an 8% increase. Although it failed to meet the 9% expectation set by analysts, the automaker still had a high profit margin. Ford’s vehicles each have a different profit margin, resulting in somewhat surprising results.

2016 Ford Escape - Sauk City, WI

With vehicles this beautiful, it’s not difficult to see why Ford is so popular!

In all, Ford sold nearly 255,000 vehicles in March. The Focus saw nearly a 10% decrease in sales compared to March 2015. The F-Series trucks, though, saw a 10% increase. That not only makes up for the Focus’s loss in sales but brings in a good amount of profit as the F-Series is a much more profitable line.

Meanwhile, the Explorer and Escape saw growth as well, 4% and 8%, respectively. The Fusion midsize sedan saw a 2% increase as well.

We are happy to see Ford going so strong!

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