New SUVs from Ford Will Meet Customer Needs

Ford has recently stated that it will be launching four all-new sport utility vehicles. These productions will take place over the next four years and are a response to the growing popularity of SUVs and crossovers.

Ford says that the SUV models are all new, and will provide vehicle options in a market where Ford does not currently have any. There has not been any announcement yet about where or when the new nameplates will be added, but they are going to be part of Ford’s global plan.

2016 Ford Edge - Sauk City, WI

Ford is looking to expand on its already great lineup of vehicles.

The new SUVs could be under the Ford name or the Lincoln brand and could be launched in any or all of the North America, Europe, Asia, or South America regions.  Ford states that they are not eliminating any of their current vehicles and are only enhancing the lineup.

Last year in the United States, Ford sold 740,000 Ford Escape, Explorer, Edge, and Lincoln SUVs. Ford recognizes that many U.S. consumers prefer SUVs and crossovers due to having more space and the increased fuel efficiency of SUVs.

We are excited to see the new SUVs from Ford. Ford makes great vehicles, and we are sure that the all-new SUVs will be no different!

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