Winter in Wisconsin Brings Enchantingly Frozen Fun


Winter is Wisconsin is quite lovely!

Courtesy Ford loves the beauty that winter in Wisconsin brings. In fact, winters in Wisconsin can even be a bit magical with enchanting areas complete with ice palaces, snow caves, and other fairy tale fun. Here are some of our favorite frozen areas of Wisconsin.

The Ice Project – This ice creation is built over time as layers of water freeze on cables. The project is ever changing, so you may want to visit multiple times throughout the winter.

Ice Palace – Each year a different ice castle is constructed along Eagle River’s downtown. This castle is created by hand sawing blocks of ice from the frozen lake. This palace looks like a fairytale come to life and has been a tradition since the 1920s.

Ice Caves – Accessible only when Lake Superior is frozen, a bridge is formed from land to caves. These caves are composed of thousands of gigantic icicles and frozen glass floors. These caves appear to be created by a snow queen and have a magical appearance.

Trollway in Mt. Horeb – Mt. Horeb is known as the Troll Capital of the World and has 15 hand-carved trolls throughout its quaint downtown. The village is rooted in Scandinavian folklore and each year hosts the Scandihoovian Winter Festival which features troll making and old Viking games.

Ice Climbing – This is becoming a popular adventurist hobby in Wisconsin. It is similar to rock climbing, but on snow and ice. There are many frozen waterfalls, mountains, and other frozen areas in Wisconsin for this great activity.

These wonderful winter attractions are weather dependent, so be sure to check the individual sites before visiting. If you need a dependable car to get you to all these enchanting winter activities, stop by Courtesy Ford and we will get you matched with the perfect vehicle for all your travel needs.

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